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  • Welcome to Our Studio!

    BlueFox Games Studios is a small Indie Game Development Studio based in Northern Ireland. We are a team of 4, we make all kinds of games and we LOVE game jams!
    If you want to read more about the Team head on over to the Team page! You'll find all the information you want there! :)

  • Who we are

    Alex Proctor

    I'm an 18 year old game programmer and designer, I'm going to college to study programming and I have an addiction to energy drinks. My favourite games are Sonic, Mario and for my triple A guilty pleasure, CoD Black Ops 2.

    Sean Crooks

    I'm a 17 year old musician, I compose all of the music for the games and help with art and design. I have a grade 5 in guitar and grade 4 in violin, I also love electronic and chiptune music. I <3 NoiseChannel chiptune radio!

    James Reid


    Joseph Adams


  • Hoirzon Fello... *Suspended*

    Horizon Fellowship is Bluefox's main focus right now, we are currently developing as much as we can as fast as we can! This is our first major release and we hope you will like it as much as we currently do! It's a space based business tycoon, that will feature more random generation than you can shake a stick at! NPCs, star systems, planets, events and much more will be randomly generated to help keep the game fresh for you, the player!

    What kind of features can we expect in game?
    We'll have all the basic features that a good tycoon game should have, such as movement, buying and selling. You will be able to purchase space in orbital stations to build factories and dock your ships in. There will be purchasable land on planets for mining and farming. Don't think that's all though, we're also going to implement a semi-realistic economy which you can crash and destroy and cry over!

  • Ludum Dare 26

    We live streamed our game development for the Ludum Dare 26. The theme was minimalism, in our Saturday stream we were joined by special guest Malcolm Gruber of EA Games!

    Live stream will be uploaded soon

  • Day-Nez

    Day-Nez was a game created for charity! That's right! Charity! The Game was created in under 24 hours as a NES rehash of the very successful ArmA2 Mod Day-Z. The aim of the game is to survive really, as the feature creep would have liked, we could have added objectives such as, "Hey you, save that woman from zombles", but sadly we didn't have time! Oh well, there's always next year! We raised around 20GBP for charity due to the fact I was donating 1GBP for every 100 lines of code! The charity Game Jam was run by McFunkyPants, you should go and check him out on Twitter! And read his books! He's amazing!

    Download for Day-Nez

  • Music

    All of the music used in our games is composed by Sean using either Fruity Loops Studio or Ableton. As well as music from Sean we accept music donations from members of the Indie community, if you wish to submit some music you can email it to us at, don't worry, you'll get full credit for it!

  • feedback

    If you wish to submit feedback to us, feel free to do so! Just fire us off an email to or follow us on twitter (@bluefoxgs (there is a button at the top ^^^^)). We are always happy to take suggestions and to hear from anyone so don't be afraid! Also, if you want some advice or just to say hi, go for it!


    Bangor, County Down,
    Northern Ireland

    Telephone:+44 (0) 7902 044 229